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About San Antonians United for the Protection of Hardberger Park

On January 31, 2012 the Phil Hardberger Park Conservancy passed a unanimous resolution (the “Resolution”) opposing the building of a proposed 180,000 square foot Walmart big box store to be operated 24/7 selling, among other things, tires, batteries and oil changes on a tract of land in San Antonio, Texas between Vista View and Wurzbach Parkway and fronting on Blanco Road (download an illustration of the “proposed development”). The Resolution states in part that “The location of the store does ill service to all of its neighbors and degrades millions of dollars of private investment and public dollars. It is directly across the street from Phil Hardberger Park on one side and physically borders it on the other….” (download the Resolution).

San Antonians United for the Protection of Hardberger Park (SAU4HP) is a Texas Non-Profit 501C (4) entity that was organized to raise money to financially support the efforts to carry out the goals of the Conservancy Resolution for the appropriate development of this tract of land and to oppose the building of the currently proposed Walmart big box store on that site. When this dispute has been resolved, and all obligations of SAU4HP have been fulfilled, any remaining funds in the SAU4HP bank account(s) will be donated to the Hardberger Park Conservancy.

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