We are volunteers. Many of us are involved in our neighborhood organizations.

SAU4HP Board of Directors

Executive Committee:
Wayne I. Fagan, President
Gale Shaw, Vice-President
Greg T. Murray CPA CFE, Secretary/Treasurer

Lanny Sinkin, Resident of  Lincoln Heights
John R. Linkhart, Resident of Churchill Forest
Johnnie Chuoke, Business address-2361 N.W. Military Hwy
Katsy Morris, Resident of Elm Creek
Veronica Gonzalez, Resident of Oak Meadow
Lisa Abramson, Resident of Whispering Oaks
Elaine Kovner, Resident of Walker Ranch
Lora Reynolds, Resident of Churchill Estates
Jane Guenther, Resident of Vista Del Norte
LTC. Brian Pinkstaff (Ret.), Resident of Vista View Subdivison

If you have any questions, concerns, or feedback for us, please visit the Contact Page. That will ensure your matter gets sent to the person who can respond most promptly to your issue.

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