Our Vision

We are here to represent values that are in the best interest of the local community.

Who We Are

We are your friends, neighbors, business associates and citizens concerned about the negative impact of the currently proposed Wal-Mart 24/7 big box store on surrounding neighborhoods and Phil Hardberger Park in which over $60 million tax dollars have been invested to insure that all citizens will have a decent place to commune with nature and re-connect with our South Texas Natural Heritage.

Our Vision

SAU4HP embraces sustainable and appropriate development of the 42 acre tract between Vista View and Wurzbach Parkway fronting on Blanco Road that considers long-range environmental and neighborhood impact.

Our Mission

To ensure that the 42 acre tract is developed without the currently proposed Wal-Mart big box store, selling tires, batteries and oil changes to be operated 24/7 and in a way that enhances quality of life for the surrounding neighborhoods and visitors to Phil Hardberger Park.

What We Want

We oppose Wal-Mart’s announced plans to build a 24/7 big box store on the 42 acre tract of land and we seek community involvement in planning the development of the 42 acre tract. The current plan is not appropriate  for this location and is not the kind of growth most of our neighbors and local small businesses support.

SAU4HP is working toward establishing a meaningful dialogue with Wal-Mart and all other stakeholders to develop a mutually synergistic  development plan that serves the character and needs of the surrounding neighborhoods and Phil Hardberger Park while also ensuring a successful development of the property.

Our first priority would be for this property to be included within Phil Hardberger Park but if that is not going to happen we understand that some type of development will occur on this property but the development should not be to the detriment of the surrounding neighborhoods, small businesses and Phil Hardberger Park. Develop it neighborly. Develop it right.

Become a part of the movement to improve neighborhoods and bring communities together... we can all benefit.